Missouri Cat Rescue Features 37 Kittens

Cat rescue stories are some of my favorites to share.  I do not like it when they start with a cruel human doing harmful things to my fellow felines, but if they end with these cats being rescued and going to good situations, it is okay.

That is what happened with a big cat rescue featuring 37 tiny felines.  A large dog crate was stuffed full of kittens, and dumped on the side of the road on I-44 in Missouri.  A taxi driver found the crate, and alerted authorities.

Cat Rescue Features Many Tiny Felines

When humans from the Humane Society of Missouri arrived, they learned that their estimate of 35 kittens was low by two.  These felines were as young as two days old, and the oldest were four weeks old.  This was a very bad situation for these cats, as the youngest needed to be near their mother.  They are so young they cannot eat noms on their own!

In addition to the felines that were so young they should have been with their mother in order to eat, there were some sick felines.  There were also a number of healthy kittens in the crate.

The kind humans at the Humane Society of Missouri were able to find homes for all of these small felines.  Since they were near St. Louis, I wonder if my good furiend Lincoln and his rescue, Tenth Life, took in some of them.

Now these humans are looking for help in finding out who put all these kittens into the crate and who left them behind to die on the road.  Hopefully someone saw what happened and will provide them with the information they need.

These kittens are not yet ready for adoption, but I am sure that once they are all nursed back to health and are ready for homes, they will find one.  And that is what will make this cat rescue story a very happy one.

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2 Replies to “Missouri Cat Rescue Features 37 Kittens”

  1. When fund, they should have to pay a good deal of money for a fine ant the least. Too many people do this kind of thing, it is time the laws made them think twice.

  2. OMG those/that person(s) should really need to pay for what they did! That is really inhumane! :'( 🙁 Poor sweet kitties <3

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