Glucose Readings for Week of 5/18

Yesterday, my furiends, I shared with you the story of a fellow special needs cat.  Squeak has a very unusual condition that most humans in white coats will never see.  Unlike with Squeak, because too many felines are obese and are not eating healthy noms, humans in white coats are seeing more and more diabetic cats.

That means more and more felines must endure the ear sticks and insulin shots that are required to check blood sugar levels and to keep them in a safe range.

I, of course, do not like this.  I have learned to tolerate it, but the human knows that it is not fun for me.  He does it because he loves me and I know that he hates to inflict pain on me, but it is still something I do not like.

But it is the only way for him to get my blood sugar readings.  And as always, last week, he did it twice a day.  For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 233. That is a little bit higher than the 224 that we saw last week.

Jacey Doing This Caused My Blood Sugar Level to SpikeThe high for the week, which didn’t make it onto the chart, was 578.  But that was because Jacey had just ambushed me, and the shock of her ambush and fighting her off caused my blood sugar level to spike.  The human waited for a while, and then my blood sugar was way down, to 278.  The low for the week was 149.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Blood Sugar Readings

These blood sugar readings are still a little higher than what the human wants to see.  But it is not so high that it is dangerous, and that is what matters.

I will let you know what happens with my blood sugar readings next Monday.  I hope to have good news, but even if things stay the same, it is not too bad.

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  1. Good sweetie, those who love you want to hear you are doing well. You fur siblings are so silly with the chase and ambush routine sometimes! I remember when Ms. Phoebe and her sister Černy used to do this and it was like a herd of elephants were racing about the house! And with their brother Kaspars they would corner on purpose, he was like a polar bear on his hind legs growling! Our house is so quiet now with just Kaspars and no sibs other than his doggie sister, but they are pals and do not play the chase game. I am longing to find him a new feline sib, but am hesitant he might get upset now that he’s used to being mama’s one and only. Time will tell I suppose.

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