Kitty’s Shelter Has Many Cats

Do you kind humans remember the happy cat adoption story featuring a fellow diabetic cat?  Kitty, a pretty calico girl, was adopted after a long time in the shelter.  It took a while for her to get there, but now she has her furever home.

The Humane Society for Hamilton County, which is the shelter where Kitty lived for a while, has many other felines that are looking for homes.  I will share their stories so that hopefully, we can have another cat adoption like Kitty’s.

Anderson Is Hoping For a Happy Cat Adoption StoryAnderson is a handsome black cat who is around four years old and weighs around ten pounds.  Unlike me, Jacey, and Marley, he likes to be held.  He is a talkative and loving boy, and he even tries to give humans kisses through the bars of his cage!

But he has two strikes against him.  In addition to being a black cat, he has FIV.  Now, felines with FIV can live long and happy lives and they are very unlikely to infect other felines, so he could easily become part of a multi-cat home.

Pilgram who is 11, is a senior feline.  HPilgram's Hoping for a Happy Cat Adoptione was surrendered to the Humane Society for Hamilton County after his human left us.  The poor feline is probably confused, because he lost his human and then he lost his home.

Can we help this poor confused feline find a home where he will experience the same kind of love that he did before he lost his human?

Fiero's Cat Adoption Story is Waiting to be CompletedThe last feline that I will share with you from the Humane Society of Hamilton County is a ginger kitty named Fiero.  He is around 11 months old, and he arrive at the shelter when he was turned in as a stray.  Nobody came in to claim him.

That is a shame, because Fiero is a fun loving, affectionate, and talkative feline.  The lucky human who brings Fiero home is going really enjoy sharing lots of love with him!

There are many other felines and canines at this wonderful shelter who are looking for a home.  If you have room in your home for them, please contact the Humane Society for Hamilton County.

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