5/25 Blood Sugar Reading Update

Troops Pause During Battle to Give a Baby Goat WaterThe human tells me that today is a day called Memorial Day.  He tells me that this is a day where brave humans who gave their lives to help protect other humans are remembered.  I do not like to see anyone creatures, two legged or four legged, lose their lives but I am glad that you humans remember the sacrifices that some of your kind made.

The human is not going to that place called work today, so he will be around to play with me, Jacey, and Marley.  That will be fun.  It is also fun for me to update you on my blood sugar readings.

For the week ending May 25, my blood sugar readings averaged 220.  That is down a little from last week, where they averaged 233.  The high for the week was the only number that concerned the human.  It was 310.  As you know, blood sugar levels above 300 for a long period of time can cause problems for diabetic cats like me.  But since it was only above that level for one reading, it is okay.

Bagheera The Diabetic Cat's Blood Sugar Readings for 5/25

The low for the week came in at 124.  That is not a bad reading, and if my blood sugar levels stayed around there without insulin, I would not be considered a diabetic cat anymore.  While I wish that would happen, I don’t think it will.

But that is okay.  I do not mind too much getting my blood sugar taken, because the human gives me noms around the same time he takes my readings.  I am busy consuming the noms, so most of the time, I do not really mind the ear stick.

I will update you next week on what is happening with my blood sugar levels.  I hope to bring them down just a little more, but even if they stay right where they are, it is not too bad.

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  1. Good job Bagheera, you are an excellent patient when it comes to being treated for your diabetes, there are a lot of humans who freak out or do not want to comply compared to your nice behavior. May you, Jacey, and Marley have a pawesome day with your human home to play with, serve, and worship you!

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