6/8 Blood Sugar Readings

I was able to share with you a couple of very happy cat rescue stories over the weekend, and I hope those put a smile on your face.  Now that the week is starting again, it is time for me to update you on my blood sugar readings.

Good Blood Sugar Levels Make Me Do ThisAs you know, diabetic cats like me need to have our blood sugar levels monitored closely.  That way, our humans, working with the humans in white coats, can determine what insulin doses are required to keep our blood sugar readings from going too high or too low.

For this week, my blood sugar levels averaged 244.  That is higher than where I want it to be, but it is not in a dangerous level.  The high for the week was the only reading that was a concern.  It came in at 311, which was higher than the 300 level where we need to stay below.  Diabetic cats like me with a blood sugar level consistently over 300 can develop serious complications.

The low for the week came in at 170.  That is where we would like to see my blood sugar levels get towards.  It provides a high margin of error for me so that if my blood sugar levels go up, they do not go too high.  And it prevents me from risking a hypoglycemic condition, which can be a medical emergency requiring a trip to the humans in white coats.

The average level of 244 was higher than the average last week of 234.  I do not like this.  The human thinks this may have occurred due to him switching noms.  The normal crunchy noms that I eat were not available, so the human went with something else.

The noms I am eating do not have as much protein in them, so the human thinks that may be what cause the slight increase in blood sugar levels.  He is hopeful that when I go back to my normal noms this week, everything will be okay.

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  1. Oh sweet Bagheera I do also hope that your bloodsugar levels go back down when you get your usual noms back! Keeping fingers crossed. Today I forgot my longterm insuline this morning, just came to think of it in the evening at 6pm so had to hurry up to take it so my bloodsugar wouldn´t get any higher. I do of course correct the level with my food insuline (the fast one). Anyway best of luck to you Bagheera! Happy your human keeps you under control! <3

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