Abandoned Cat to Loved One

It is always good when a human goes to the shelter to rescue a feline.  That is what a woman in Phoenix was doing, but then she noticed someone bringing an injured feline into the facility.  That person had no idea that the cat rescue she set in motion was going to make another human so happy.

It was clear that the feline, soon to be named Noah, was injured seriously.  His future human took him to the humans in white coats.  They told her that poor Noah had a long list of injuries.  His back had been broken in three places.  Three of his four legs were broken.  One of his feet was broken, and so was his pelvis and sternum.

The humans in white coats told Noah’s human that it was a miracle that he was alive!  Sadly, Noah had likely been stepped on — nobody knows if this was accidental or intentional — and that caused the severe injuries.  His eyes were stained from tears of pain and fright, as he was left to die.

Noah’s injuries left him unable to use his back legs.  But like Anakin, he pulls himself around on his front legs with no problem.  He can’t climb, jump, or use a scratching post, but his human does not care.

Noah's Happy Cat Rescue

The human who completed this cat rescue says that while Noah is a special needs cat, she only sees him as special.  And she considers the feline she rescued to be an inspiration to her.

Whenever she sees Noah, no matter how bad of a day she is having, he makes her remember that miracles can come true if a human or feline is strong.  Noah endured all that pain, had no food, and was in a filthy dumpster, left to die.

But he refused to give up.  And that will to survive was the key to this amazing cat rescue.

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