Cat and Lynx Inseperable Friends

I have shared many happy cat stories with you.  Often, I will share stories of feral cats becoming happy companions for kind humans.  That is a friendship between two different species, and it’s one that many humans can relate to.  But today, I will share the story of a friendship between two different species within the feline family.

I, like all members of the felis catus species, share many traits with my larger feline cousins.  But my bigger cousins are so much larger that often, they look at small felines like me as prey!

And that is why a friendship between a lynx at the St. Petersburg Zoo in Russia and a calico cat is such a happy cat story.  For a domestic cat, I am huge.  I weigh 19 pounds.  But compared to an adult lynx, I am tiny.  My bigger cousins typically weigh anywhere from two to three times what I do!

As you can imagine, the cats in the St. Petersburg Zoo are well fed.  That is why a calico feline decided one day that she would go to eat some of the noms that were out for a lynx that was kept in that zoo.  This was a risky move, because sometimes, we felines, whether small or large, do not like sharing our noms.

A Happy Cat Story Between a Lynx and a Calico

This lynx, however, was happy to share noms with the calico.  And the cat story gets better, because instead of just tolerating the smaller visitor, the lynx bonded to her.

Day after day, the calico came to visit the lynx, and the lynx enjoyed her company.  The humans at the zoo found out about this, and rather than banishing the calico, they decided that since the lynx and the calico had become furiends, they would allow the calico to live with the lynx.

Now these two different felines are best of furiends.  They have been together since 2007.  And that is a very happy cat story!

Happy Interspecies Cat Story

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