Stranger Saves Widower’s Cat

It always makes me happy to share a cat rescue story.  When one of my fellow felines gets another chance at life, it is very good news.  But the cat rescue I will tell you about today is truly amazing.

An elderly man had adopted a feline named Itty Bitty three years go when his wife passed away.  Itty Bitty helped his man, who is named Steven, get through the loss of his wife of many years.

Steven does not have many green paper things.  Just going to the humans in white coats required Steven to save up for a long time.  And when Steven took Itty Bitty to the humans in white coats for his annual check up, he got bad news.

Itty Bitty's Cat Rescue Amazing

Itty Bitty was sick.  He had a urinary blockage that would be fatal if he didn’t get it treated.  And the cost of treating this would be over $1,000.  My human tells me this would be a hardship for him, and he is able to take care of a diabetic cat.  For Steven, this was impossible.

He sadly booked an appointment for the humans in white coats to ease Itty Bitty over the Rainbow Bridge, and took Itty Bitty in for the last act of kindness every feline deserves.  But when other humans heard the story, they decided that they needed to carry out a cat rescue.

One human told the humans in white coats at Tufts that he would pay for Itty Bitty’s treatment.  All of it.  And the kindness did not stop there.  Another human was moved by the cat rescue and gave $100 to the human who paid for Itty Bitty’s treatment.

This human refused.  Instead, he gave the green paper things to Steven and said that Itty Bitty would need it for medicine and noms, and he wanted to help.This amazing act of kindness saved Itty Bitty, but it also helped Steven tremendously.  What a happy cat rescue!

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