7/5 Blood Sugar Readings

I was happy that the human had an extra day off because that gave me, Jacey, and Marley more time to play with the human. We heard the fireworks he went to, and we thought he might have gotten hurt by them because he was moving slowly and was even more clumsy than normal the day after.

Did Fireworks Cause My Blood Sugar to Go Up?

The human was worried that the fireworks may have caused my blood sugar levels to spike, because I do not like the loud noises that they make. He was also worried that because it got fairly warm in the condo, my blood sugar levels would increase as well.

But my blood sugar levels were actually lower this week than last! For the week, my blood sugar levels averaged 233.  That is down slightly from last week, when they averaged 239.  The high blood sugar reading for the week was below the 300 that causes long term problems. It was still higher than we like, though, at 284.

The week’s lowest reading was exactly where we would like my readings to be. It came in at 165. If my blood sugar average would drop down to that level I would be very happy and the human would be as well.

Last week, I told you that the human tried to give me some raw noms and that he was hopeful that I would consume those. He was hoping that adding these noms to my diet would cause me to consume less crunchy noms.

I am still cautious about eating those noms, but I am starting to consume them. Marley is very happy about those noms. She is the only feline among us who prefers wet noms to the crunchies. I like my crunchies and so does Jacey.

Marley Being Calm is Good for My Blood Sugar

Speaking of Marley, she and I are getting along better.  That will probably help keep my blood sugar level down. I actually went into her cage the other day and she did not get too annoyed!

I will update you on my blood sugar levels next week.

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3 Replies to “7/5 Blood Sugar Readings”

  1. I’m glad things are going better with Marley, some kitties just need time to learn and be assured they can trust their new family. I found this to be the case with my new fur kid Clove. She is a 3 yr old tortie ladycat with extreme trust issues. It has been a long month but we are making progress. You want to know something funny? One day Clove went missing and I couldn’t find her any where in the house. Hours later her Grandpaw was in the guest bedroom upstairs fixing something and thought he heard a noise under the queen size bed. He looked under the bed with a flashlight and saw nothing, but then heard the sound again and realized it was coming from WITHIN THE BOX SPRING!! Sound familiar?!
    Even with much coaxing, offers of treats she would not budge and come out. Grandpaw was forced to do the only thing he could so she would come out: slowly tip the mattress on its side. It worked and she came out- mad as a hornet! She pout1

    ed for a few hours and then seemed to forgive us by allowing pets and purring madly

  2. Oops sorry my hand bumped the wrong key! Anyway Grandpaw stapled the opening made in the bottom of the box spring and now the door to the guest room is kept closed. Clove has made great strides and I know she will continue to do so.

    PS– Perhaps your human should avoid loud noises from now on, it sounds as if they might really affect his balance, being he trips over stuff, etc. I mean, WHAT else could have caused him to have this problem?!?

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