7/12 Blood Sugar Readings

Good morning, my furiends. I hope that all of you had a fun weekend and that you got to spend lots of time with your four legged and two legged friends!

Insulin Injections Keep My Blood Sugar Under ControlIt’s time to update you on what my blood sugar levels are doing. It’s very important for diabetic cats like me to stay on top of these so that we know what insulin dose we need. I have gotten so used to the ear sticks to test my blood sugar that I do not even run away when the human tests me. And the needles for the insulin shots have never really bothered me.

Don’t tell the human that, though. He has to think that I hate these and only endure them because he is nice to me. Then I can get some extra loving from him.

For the week, my blood sugar levels averaged a little higher than last week. They came in at 237, versus the 233 that we saw last week. This is still not too bad, but it is stubbornly above the 200 threshold the human wants to get me below.

We had a few blood sugar readings that were below that level. The lowest one for the week was 153, and there was another one that came in at 198. On the other side of the scale, the highest reading for the week was 320, which is a place where we do not want to see our blood sugar levels.

This is a Cool Cat Even though It's Hot

It has been a relatively warm week here, and the human thinks that may have something to do with me having higher blood sugar readings than he likes.  He does not know for sure, but he suspects that if I get too warm, my blood sugar level rises.

The human is thinking of increasing my dosing by a half unit to see if we can get to a point where we see readings below 200 more regularly. We will see!

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