Batgirl Missed Her Human

There are some people who think that we felines do not miss our humans when they are away for a while. Clearly, they have not been around my home when the human arrives after being away for a while. I will head to the door to give him head bonks. Jacey will run over from her spot to talk to him and get a head scratch. And Marley will immediately start to talk to him from her crate.

For special needs cats like me and Batgirl, it is not surprising that we miss our humans when they go away more than other felines do. The human and I have gotten closer since I was diagnosed as a diabetic cat. I have learned that the insulin shots he gives me make me feel better, and I am grateful to him for doing it.

Special Needs Cat Batgirl Waiting for Her Human

He has someone do this for him when he goes away, but I am not as nice to that person since I do not know them. And this is not uncommon. Other humans returning to their felines after some time away reported things like the house being destroyed, a physically sick cat, or a cat who refused to eat noms.

So when my fellow special needs cat Batgirl had to go without her human for a while, she did not like it. And Batgirl is not the only special needs cat in that home, because there is another feline with FIV there.

Batgirl was happy to see her human was home, but she gave her the stink eye — something we felines are VERY good at — for a while. She did not let her human play with her for a while so that the message she was not happy got across.

Special Needs Cat Batgirl Bites Her Human

And then when Batgirl finally decided to play with her human, she decided that she needed to let her human know one last time that she was not happy. She bit her human’s finger!

Do your felines miss you when you go away? How do they react when you come home?

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