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As you know, my furiends, there are way too many felines, canines, and other animals at shelters. But many kind humans have very happy stories to share about the companions they have brought home through an animal rescue group.

Help Animal Rescue Groups by Adopting

Well, a foolish human has written an opinion piece about how she will never adopt a canine from an animal rescue group again.  This angers me, Jacey, and Marley as well as the Washington Humane Society. As you know, all of the felines the human has brought into his life have come from animal rescue groups.

Before I came along, there were Tigger and Pepe. I got to spend some time with Pepe, who was my furiend but when he had to leave us, Jacey came in. And then the human decided to foster Marley for another animal rescue group.

The selfish human who wrote the piece adopted canines that were prone to having health issues due to so much inbreeding. And then she said that their health issues are the reason why she will never again help an animal rescue group by adopting from them.

So what did she do? She went and purchased a canine from a breeder, which is okay. But the canine she purchased is a French bulldog. Look at the list of health issues that an ethical breeder warns their potential customers about. That is a long list of potential problems.

Now it is true that when you adopt from an animal rescue group, you do not know what potential health issues your four legged companion may have. Some of them may not be apparent when you initially adopt, and may only develop over time. That is the case with me. When I was a tiny little kitten, the human had no idea that I would become a diabetic cat later in my life.

Animal Rescue Groups Need Adopters

But the solution is not to stop adopting. It does not matter if we come from a breeder or from a rescue group. It is impossible to tell if we will develop health issues.

Do not let this foolish human’s opinion scare you away from adopting, my furiends. Even if you want a very specific breed, it is possible to get one through an animal rescue group. Bengals like me, Jacey, and Marley are not typical cats, but the human was able to find three of us.

To counter this foolish human, I urge you to go to the Washington Post’s Facebook page and flood it with happy adoption stories. That way those who read the opinion of this human will have hundreds of stories of happy adoptions to read.

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  1. OMG what a pitiful human. I can´t say anything else. When you adopt you adopt because you want to take care of the canine or feline. And also you start to love that little furry baby, that is natural! Just like with human babies, you never now until it is born if there is any illness and the illness might turn up later when the baby is 3 like I was. Grrrr to that stupid human!

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