7/27 Blood Sugar Reading

I hope that everyone had a very fun weekend. The human was around a lot this weekend. He decided that he would do some work around our home, and look at what he created for me, Jacey, and Marley!

Will Playing on This Lower My Blood Sugar?

Clearly, Jacey approves of the work that he has done. He has put me on there, and I sit there for a while, but I am not like Jacey. Jacey has been hopping from shelf to shelf a lot. The human tells me I should do it to get my blood sugar levels down. After all, he says, exercise is good for a diabetic cat!

Speaking of blood sugar readings, it is time to update you on what is happening with mine. For the week, my average blood sugar level came down from last week. The human thinks that increasing the dosing is working to bring my blood sugar levels lower.

My average for the week was 228, which is down quite a bit from the 246 we saw last week. The human has started to test me a little more frequently so he can get some information on what my blood sugar is doing between shots. The high for the week, 306, came during one of those tests. He thinks it is because I had just finished nomming on crunchies.

The low for the week was a good one, at 107. That is almost a normal blood sugar level and if we were to see lots of readings around there, the human and I would both be very happy.

I Must Endure This To Get My Blood Sugar Reading

Now, you may be wondering, do I mind the extra ear sticks I am getting from the human? Well, I do not like them, but I do not fuss too much about them. He has gotten good at testing my blood sugar without causing too much discomfort.

I hope that you have a good week and I will update you next week on what my blood sugar is doing. Maybe I will act like Jacey for a while and play on the shelves. If I do, we will see what it does to my blood sugar readings.

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  1. Score for you, Jacey, and Marley! How thoughtful of your human to build you the pawesome cat step perches, you three have trained him well. I hope you DO follow Jacey’s lead and try them out more Bagheera, I think you would enjoy yourself and if it helps get your blood sugar down then all the better!

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