Jacey With an Update On Trucker

Hi, everyone. It is Jacey. Today, Bagheera decided to let me do what I love to do — talk! He told you about Trucker, who was thrown out of a car but then was saved by a truck driver who saw this happen. This poor feline lost his leg, suffered damage to his pelvis, and other injuries as a result.

Special Needs Cat Trucker
Animal Abuse Survivor Trucker at the Kentucky Humane Society

The kind humans at the Kentucky Humane Society have taken Trucker under their care, and he is doing much better. He is recovering in a cage, and they allowed him to leave it for a little while. Trucker stood on this three feet, and not surprisingly for a kitten who is recovering, ate a lot of noms.

After suffering from such horrible animal abuse, you might think that Trucker would be shy. I am happy to tell you that this is not true. Trucker loves humans, almost as much as he loves the special toy he has been given.

Special Needs Cat Trucker Playing
Special Needs Cat Trucker Playing With His Toy at The Kentucky Humane Society

It is clear that Trucker will be a special needs cat because he lost his leg, but he is not the only special needs cat the loving humans at the Kentucky Humane Society are caring for. They are caring for a pair of bonded blind cats, Baby Girl and Tommy.

These two have been blind since birth and they find lots of love and comfort in each other. They do not like the situation they are living in now, because the noises and smells of the facilities overwhelm them.

To make them feel better, the Kentucky Humane Society has placed these special needs cats in a room of their own. They feel much more comfortable there, but this means that visitors cannot see this pair.

Help Special Needs Cats Baby Girl and Tommy
Special Needs Cats Baby Girl and Tommy Need a Home

Special needs cats like Baby Girl and Tommy need humans who are willing to invest a little more time and effort in taking care of them. Are you that special human or do you know someone who is?

If you are, please contact the Kentucky Humane Society

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  1. Unfortunately, I live in the UK otherwise I would take Baby Girl and Tommy in a heartbeat! Fingers crossed that someone will rehome these beautiful babies soon <3

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