Blood Sugar Readings for 8/3

I hope that everyone is having a good day and that you had a great weekend. My weekend was an amusing one. Any time the human decided he wants to do some home improvement projects, it is amusing. He usually eventually gets the job done, but while he is working on doing it, it is quite funny.

Doing This Might Cause Lower Blood Sugar Levels
Feline Helping With Home Improvement Project

This weekend, he tried to install a screen door for the balcony to keep Jacey from escaping when he opens the main door for ventilation. Well, it did not work, but it was funny to watch!

While this was amusing, it did not seem to do much for my blood sugar readings. For the week, my average reading came in at 241. That is up from last week, when it averaged 228. This is not a particularly horrible average, but it is higher than we like. I think that the heat continues to keep my blood sugar level higher than we want.

None of the readings were particularly high. The highest reading this week was 279. That is not a good reading, but it is not horrible. And the low was one that made both me and the human smile, when it came in at 192. We would like to see most of my blood sugar readings at that level.

The human says that fighting the battle to get my blood sugar levels where I want is an ongoing one. It can be a tiresome one for both the human and me. But that is okay. We will continue to fight it.

Keeping Blood Sugar Levels Under Control Can Make You Tired
Fighting the Battle Against Diabetes Can Be Exhausting

Every time he gets frustrated, I remind him of how high my blood sugar readings used to be. We have cut them in half, and even if they are not where we would ideally like them to be, that is a tremendous amount of progress!

I will update you on my blood sugar readings next week.

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