August 10 Blood Sugar Readings

I hope all of my furiends had a good weekend. The human was around a lot this weekend, and for once, it was a relatively quiet one because he was not doing things around the house. He did take some old noms and scraps to be composted. Jacey, Marley, and I were not happy when he opened the container afterwards. The smell was not too bad for the human.

Cat Noses Have 200 Million Smell Receptors
There are 200 million smell receptors in this cute little nose

But we felines have noses with 200 million smell receptors versus the five million you humans have.  We have more smell receptors than some breeds of canines. So we did not like that smell and we let the human know about it.

Other than that, it was a quiet but fun weekend for me. And maybe that is what kept my blood sugar readings down for the week.

For the week, my average blood sugar reading was 215. That is much lower than the average for last week, when it was 241. And we are getting close to where we want it to be, a little below 200. When it gets to that level, the humans in white coats say that it means my diabetes is well regulated.

The high reading for the week was one that concerned the human, because it came in at 352. He does not like readings that high. The low reading of the week was 142, and if we saw readings at level all the time, the human would be extremely happy!

Speaking of extremely happy, I spent some time this weekend looking for fun things to share with you. This video, of a feline who wears another cat’s tail as a hat, made me very happy. I wanted to share it with you.

I will update you on my blood sugar readings next week. Let’s hope for more good news!

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