Kind Humans Save Pregnant Cat

My furiends, I share a lot of cat rescue stories with you because they remind me of the good that humans can do. A lot of times, these are done by cat rescue organizations with humans who have special training. But that does not mean that individual humans cannot help my fellow felines in distress.

Cat Rescue Story Makes Cat Applaud
This Cat Rescue Story Makes Me Applaud

That is what happened with the pregnant feline Pawz. Her cat rescue came about because one human cared enough to help.

This human already does a lot to help felines like me. She had six indoor cats, all of whom had come from rescues. Pawz may have sensed that this human was kind to cats, because she started to make the human’s yard her home.

Pawz was thin, so the humans gave her noms. She would come for the noms every day, and she would allow the humans to pet and hold her. One day, these humans noticed that Pawz was pregnant. They told the humans who were supposed to be taking care of Pawz this and they learned something horrible.

The humans who were supposed to care for Pawz had moved, and they left her behind. The humans who had moved into the place cared enough to put noms out for Pawz occasionally, but they did not want her in their home.

Well, that was enough to compel the humans who have adopted Pawz to take action. They purchased an insulated and waterproof home for Pawz and prepared a room in their home for her to give birth in safety. The plan was to bring Pawz in when she ate her evening noms, but you know we felines love to wreak havoc on human plans.

Pawz did not come for her evening noms nor did she come for her morning noms the next day. Later, one of the humans who made this happy cat rescue story happen saw Pawz, gave her noms, and noticed that she had given birth.

This human followed Pawz in the rain to find out where her tiny felines were. They were in a neighbor’s shed. After getting permission, the humans gathered up the day old kittens and brought them home. They also took the house they had purchased for Pawz and brought it inside.

Happy Cat Rescue Story for Pawz
Pawz Nursing Her Kittens

Pawz took to this immediately and started to nurse and groom her kittens. Since then, she has moved the kittens under the bed. The kittens will be adopted out to humans who will give them good homes, but Pawz has found her furever home.

Furiends, as Pawz demonstrates, you do not need to belong to a cat rescue organization to help a distressed feline. Please help when you can. Just like Pawz, I am sure the feline will appreciate it.

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