Anakin’s Human Needs Help

One of the most inspiring special needs cats is Anakin. He was born with no pelvis and no hind legs. He was so nimble, though, that he was able to escape from his human when she attempted to catch him. After multiple attempts, Anakin was capture and brought into what is now his furever home.

Special Needs Cat Anakin
My Fellow Special Needs Cat Anakin

I have followed Anakin as he has grown from a tiny kitten into an ambassador for special needs cats and rescue cats in general. And his human has always been there for him. She has taken him to the humans in white coats when needed, and she has been more than happy to spend the green paper things that are needed to care for him.

Now, though, Anakin’s human is the one who must to go the humans in white coats. And because of this, she is going to have to temporarily close her art store. You see, Anakin’s human, long before she helped one special needs cat with no hind legs, has always loved felines and canines. And she creates amazing artwork featuring these animals.

Special Needs Cat Anakin
Help Anakin’s Human By Buying Her Artwork

She has produced a lot of artwork, and she is putting it on sale to cover her medical expenses and to help clear out some of the inventory she has.  And even though it is still the summer, the holiday season will be upon us soon and you could give one of her paintings as a gift.

They have always been reasonably priced, but now they are even more so. If you purchase one of her original paintings, you will save hundreds of dollars and you will also know that the green paper things you part with will go to help a human who has taken care of many felines, including one amazing special needs cat.

Some of the artwork that she sells is now going for less than $10. To get the discount, enter 30OFF14 when you check out.

Furiends, please consider helping Anakin’s human right now. We have rallied to help her before when she needed help paying for Anakin. Can we do the same for this very kind human?

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