Yonah Rescued From Garbage

I do not like to share stories of abused or neglected animals, my furiends. But sometimes, these stories become very happy cat rescue stories.

Yonah's Cat Rescue Story Takes her from Trash to Happy Home
Yonah Goes from Being Dumped in Trash to Loved Family Member

That is what happened with Yonah. She was dumped by a cruel human in the trash. Fortunately for her, before the trash got hauled away and she was crushed, a human who was walking her canines heard a soft meowing sound. She stopped, and went through the trash to find out where the sound was coming from. It was coming from a rain soaked cardboard box, and inside that box was a malnourished five week old kitten.

This human knew she could not let the kitten die, but she did not know what to do. She went to the humans in white coats, and said “I don’t know what to do” when she handed the box over.

The humans in white coats, while not specializing in cat rescue, could not abandon this little feline like the cruel human who threw her in the trash did.  They examined her, and learned that Yonah had two badly broken rear legs. She wasn’t in pain, which meant that the breaks were old, but she couldn’t bear weight on the legs.

The humans in white coats decided that they were going to make sure that this cat rescue ended happily. They allowed Yonah to recover while living at the reception desk.  She was there for four weeks, and the broken legs healed fine. Soon, Yonah was acting just like the kitten she was. She was playful, active, and was running around like there were never any injuries to her legs!

As it turned out, the person who took in Yonah had recently lost a feline. And after Yonah’s recovery, she took Yonah home. Furiends, you cannot ask for a happier cat rescue story. Yonah went from being dumped in the trash to a loved family member.

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