August 17 Blood Sugar Readings

I hope that all of you human enjoyed your weekend. It was a relatively quiet one around here. The human decided that the balcony needed more plants, so he put some in. Naturally, Jacey and I decided that we would explore the plants he put in and we decided that nomming on lemon grass is kind of fun.

Does Eating Grass Affect a Diabetic Cat's Blood Sugar Level?
Bagheera the Diabetic Cat and Jacey Decided to Eat Lemongrass

Of course, this created problems for the human. ¬†When we felines nom on grasses too much, we vomit. We do not mind, because we do not have to clean it up. But the human doesn’t like it. He will roll his eyes and shake his head, but he cleans it up anyway. And it is a good thing he does because we felines would not like the smell of it if he didn’t!

Well, nomming on lemon grass is fun, but it doesn’t mean that I get to skip getting my blood sugar levels tested. And this week, my blood sugar readings were not as good as last week’s, but they were not too bad.

The average reading for the week was 234. That is higher than last week’s average of 215, but it is not a horrible reading. My high reading for the week was 308, and that was the only one that was above the level where the humans in white coats told the human we have to start getting concerned.

The low for the week was 175, and that is a nice level for my blood sugar. It is not so low that we flirt with hypoglycemia, but it is not high enough to make my body work harder than we would like it to. Since I am a big cat, my body has to work hard enough. We do not want it to work harder than it has to.

I hope that all of you have as much fun this week as Jacey and I had nomming on the new lemon grass.

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