August 24 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, kind humans. It was an entertaining weekend for me. Jacey, Marley and I were worried about the human for a while because he came back all wet, smelling like salt water, and with particles that we thought were from a litter box all over him. It turned out he was doing some good things for charity. And I entered a contest to become a featured cat in the Diabetic Cats in Need calendar.

Managing a Diabetic Cat's Blood Sugar Levels is a Challenging Balancing Act
Managing a Diabetic Cat’s Blood Sugar Levels is a Challenging Balancing Act

All of that was fun, but it did not eliminate the need to take blood sugar readings. This is something diabetic cats like me must endure, as we need to get the right insulin dose. Making sure that our blood sugar is not too high or too low is a balancing act that is challenging even for us agile felines!

This week, I managed to balance things a little better than last week. My blood sugar readings averaged 219 this week, which is down from the 234 we saw last week. This is good, because it means we are staying well below the 250 to 300 level where the humans in white coats say we must be concerned.

The high reading for the week was above that threshold, at 304. But we had some readings in the high 100s to balance that, with the low for the week 169.

All in all, it is not too bad. The nice thing is that my dosing is much more consistent, and we are not seeing the valleys and peaks we used to see. It has taken a long time to get to this point, and countless ear sticks. But I think we can say that my blood sugar levels are under control.

I hope that you humans have a good week and I will update you on what happens with my blood sugar levels next Monday.

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