Meet Pliny The Therapy Cat

Do you remember the story I shared with you about my very calm and loving furiend Dexter the Therapy Cat? These felines are amazingly tolerant and do tremendous work. They have to be willing to be held by humans who they do not know. Jacey, Marley, and I all love our human but we do not like to be held by him. It would not be good for a human we do not know to attempt to hold us.

Most felines do not have the required temperament to be therapy cats, and there is a long and difficult certification process required for those who do.

Pliny the Therapy Cat
Pliny The Therapy Cat

Pliny the Therapy Cat didn’t start his life thinking he would become a cat who helped humans he did not know through difficult times. Instead, he was a feline who needed help, and who got it at Cat House on the Kings. My furiends, this place is amazing. This 12 acre facility has around 1,000 felines roaming around it.

The humans who brought Pliny into their lives spent hours visiting with cats, until they found Pliny. He was napping, and the one of his humans picked him up. Pliny did not like this at first, but then he accepted it. When he was handed to his other human, Pliny nuzzled in that human’s neck. That was when his humans decided to take him home.

One day, one of Pliny’s humans was looking for cat related volunteer opportunities, and she learned about therapy cats. She decided that Pliny would be a good therapy cat, and he went through the certification process.

Pliny The Therapy Cat In His Stroller
Pliny The Therapy Cat Going for a Ride

Now that Pliny is a certified therapy cat, he goes to help humans who he can help cheer up six times a month. He visits nursing homes, a center for teens with eating disorders, and an elementary school library. When Pliny visits, the humans he sees are very happy to see him and it makes their day better.

It is only fitting that a feline who needed help from humans now returns the favor as a therapy cat. I am happy there are cats like Pliny to be ambassadors for our species.

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