Sassie’s Last Days Will Be Lucky

Vulcan’s story from yesterday was a disturbing one, my furiends, but I needed to share it with you so that you could help him. Even if you just sent him healing thoughts, I am sure they helped ease some of the pain of his abuse.

Today’s story is a happier one, although it is still somewhat sad. I will introduce you to Sassie, who is living with my good furiend and fellow special needs cat Lucky.

Sassie came to the Homeless Animals Rescue Team after her human left us. This was very sad for both Sassie and the humans who loved this human. But Sassie was in good hands. As you know, the Homeless Animals Rescue Team nursed Lucky back to health after his abuse.

Special needs cat Sassie
Sassie Showing The Heart On Her Nose

Initially, the humans at the Homeless Animals Rescue Team thought that Sassie was going to be adopted from one of their adoption facilities at a pet store. Who would not like this sweet girl, who had a little heart on her nose? My furiends, diabetic cats like me are known as sugar cats, but even I do not have a heart on my nose to make me look so sweet.

One thing about us felines is that we are very good at not letting you humans know when we are sick. Sassie was no exception. One day, it was time for her to get a routine examination from the humans in white coats. Everyone thought that she would be fine and she would go back to be adopted.

Unfortunately, that was not to be. The humans in white coats discovered a large tumor that was growing around her stomach. It was too far advanced for treatment. Nobody knew Sassie was a special needs cat until that day. And now, everyone knows what will take Sassie away from us.

Special Needs Cats Lucky and Sassie
Lucky and Sassie Relaxing

Lucky’s human decided that she would give Sassie hospice care, because she is used to taking care of a special needs cat. And now, Sassie will spend her time before she reunites with the human who she loved for so long in very good hands.

Furiends, all of us, whether felines or humans, will eventually leave. But when we go, if we are surrounded by humans and felines who love us, it makes the journey easier.

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