Sprinkles and Leprechaun At Home

I am sure you all remember the very happy cat rescue of Sprinkles and Leprechaun. Poor Sprinkles was rescued by the very kind humans at the San Diego Humane Society. Sadly, this little girl had gotten her umbilical cord wrapped around her leg, and it was feared that she was going to lose that leg.

She was not a happy cat, but then, another single kitten, Leprechaun, joined her. Having another feline to bond with made all the difference. The humans caring for Sprinkles saw her outlook improve significantly. Sprinkles also did not need to have her leg amputated.

Cat Rescue of Sprinkles and Leprechaun
Sprinkles And Leprechaun

When they got old enough, Sprinkles and Leprechaun were neutered, and then they were ready to be adopted out. Many humans wanted to adopt these wonderful felines. And one very fortunate human got the chance to bring these two home.

This human was a combat veteran, and served bravely in Iraq. Sadly, she was injured there, but that did not stop her from continuing to do good. As an injured veteran who could understand what others facing these challenges were going through, she volunteers to help veterans with PTSD.

It is only fitting that Sprinkles and Leprechaun, in the final chapter of their cat rescue story, went to a human who could understand what Sprinkles went through.

Their cat rescue ends with them living in a very happy home and them being part of the Million Meow Mission. These two have been renamed Sophia and Leonidas, but you can see they are very happy cats.

I like to say that when there is a cat rescue, we know that the feline is rescued. But as Sophia and Leonidas show, sometimes, the human rescuing the cat is helped as well.

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