9/21 Blood Sugar Readings

I hope that you all had a good weekend. It was a good one for me, Jacey, and Marley, although the human disappeared for a long time yesterday. He was away for so long that one of the people who works at the humans in white coats came over to give me my insulin shot at night.

This is one of the challenges that diabetic cats like me present to their humans. We cannot miss a shot, so if our human is going to be gone for a long time, they must find another human to give us our shots. If they do not, our blood sugar could get much higher than we like and it can take a while to bring it back down.

Relaxing and Waiting for Blood Sugar Readings
What did Relaxing Do to My Blood Sugar Readings?

It is good that they were around to give me insulin. It helped keep my blood sugar levels under better control this week. For the week, my readings averaged 229. That is better than last week, when my blood sugar readings averaged 243.

The high reading for the week was one that made my human unhappy, when it came it at 300. But then the low for the week made him happy. It was 103.

The human would like to see my blood sugar readings stay in a more consistent range. But he is not too concerned because he did not see many readings that would cause problems if my blood sugar remained there for the long term. He also did not see any readings that would make him worried about me having hypoglycemia.

He also thinks that the cooler weather we have had since last Wednesday may have helped. It seems like when it gets very warm here, my blood sugar readings tend to get higher.

I will let you know if this is true because it should remain much cooler than it was last week for a while. Next week, we will find out!

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