Cats Saved From Antifreeze Threat

You know that there are many of my fellow felines who do not have homes. Many of these feral cats live in colonies where they are trapped, neutered, and returned. Generally, most humans leave stray cats alone or they help these felines. And when an evil human decided to threaten to kill a feral colony, a cat rescue group moved quickly to stop this.

In Stone County, Missouri, residents of a mobile home complex received notices telling them to “leave a bowl of antifreeze out to poison” the cats living there. Many of the humans who received the note were outraged, and they contacted both a local television station and the Tri-Lakes Humane Society to put a stop to this.

Tri-Lakes Humane Society In Huge Cat RescueSo far, the Tri-Lakes Humane Society has rescued 20 cats from the area. There were five kittens, along with 20 adult cats, in the group they have saved. And there are many more of my fellow felines this cat rescue group will help.

“Every time we go out there we always see at least five or six more sitting and going in and out under houses. So there’s quite a few more,” said the human who is in charge of the organization.

And many of the humans living in the complex are working to rescue the feral cats in the area. “A lot of the neighbors brought us cats we put in carriers and brought in because they’re all quiet tame. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many cats in one area. That was a lot,” she added.

The efforts will continue until all of the cats in the area are safe. Then the cat rescue will move on to the next phase, where all of the felines taken from the mobile home facility will be neutered, and hopefully find home where they will not be at risk of evil humans poisoning them.

The organization that is handling this massive cat rescue, Tri-Lakes Humane Society, is asking for help and they are getting it. Calls have come in from all over the United States. If you want to help them with this rescue effort, you can send them green paper things.

If you cannot send them green paper things please spread the word about this cat rescue. There will be a meeting later on how to deal with the feral population, and public pressure will help make sure a humane solution is put in place.

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  1. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, it is infuriating that anyone would threaten such an act. Bless Bastet that the residents there have compassion and have worked with the community to not only keep these cats safe, but work for a solution to help solve and prevent the feral cat problem.

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