October 3 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, everyone. Did you enjoy your weekend? I hope that you enjoyed me letting Jacey do some talking. It is good for her to talk to you because she loves to talk. As the human says, she talks when she is happy, she talks when she is not happy, she talks when she is entertained, and she talks when she is bored. Jacey even talks in her sleep!

Cute Japanese Shironeko(Basket Cat) iphone wallpapers 640x960 (16)
Jacey is as Happy as Shironeko

I hope you did not encourage my little sisfur to ambush me, Marley and the human. You see, those ambushes are fun for her but they aggravate me, and that can cause my blood sugar levels to increase. Of course, they will come back down, but since they are higher than we like already, that is not good.

My blood sugar readings went up a little this week, although the average was still below the point where they would be dangerous over a long period of time. They averaged 238, which is up from last week’s 226. These are not bad readings, but the human would like to see them come down a little more.

The high reading for the week was one that would concern me and the human if it consistently remained at that level. It came in at 290. And the low one made both me and the human happy. That reading was 169.

Well, enough about my blood sugar readings. Furiends, you would not believe what the human wanted to do over the weekend. To celebrate World Animal Day, he wanted to take me, Jacey, and Marley to be blessed. He said maybe it would make my blood sugar levels a little better; make Marley less shy; and make Jacey want to play the ambush game less.

Annoyed Cat in Carrier
Annoyed Cat in Carrier

We felines quickly told him we were not going to tolerate that. Jacey is such a sweet girl that she accepted being put in the carrier without fussing, but when it came time to do it for me, I let him know that I was not going to tolerate it.  He quickly decided that it was not a good idea and released Jacey from the carrier.

I think Marley should be grateful for my actions. Maybe she will let me hang out in her crate for a while. We will see.

I will let you know what my blood sugar readings do next week. Let’s hope it is a little lower.

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