Homeless Humans Can Keep Pets

It is very sad when a two legged or four legged creature does not have a home. Too many humans, felines, and canines are living on the streets. What is even more sad is that for many humans, when they get help, they must leave their pets behind. Many do not want their pets to be homeless animals without any help so they do not accept assistance.

Thanks to a grant from PetSmart Promise, that is not the case for humans helped by Family Promise in Montgomery, Alabama. Four canines and four felines will be able to live there while their humans get the help they need to transition into a life off the streets.

Sadly, after going through so much together as¬†homeless animals and homeless humans, these animals typically must be surrendered. Around half of the humans getting help have had to relinquish their animals to animal rescue groups in the area. “It’s very traumatic, and lots of tears are experienced when they have to give up those animals,” said one of the humans at Family Promise.

Homeless Animals Can Join Their Humans At Shelter
Homeless Animals Can Join Their Humans At Shelter

In order to make room for the formerly homeless animals, one of the humans working at Family Promise has given up her office. This is part of an upgrade to the facilities.

Because the homeless anmals were were typically kind canines and felines, they were adopted out very quickly after they were surrendered. Then the homeless humans, after getting the help they needed, were not able to bring their four legged furiends back into their lives.

Homeless Cats Will Live Here
Homeless Cats Will Live Here

Now, for some homeless humans and homeless animals, that bond will not have to be broken. The humans can get the help they need to get on their feet, and their loving four legged companions will be there with them.

This is a very good idea and I hope that it spreads!

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  1. I love this story and that there are programs like this available, but sadly there are too few of them out there for how many are needed. It does not mean it is hopeless however, as sharing this idea and getting the word out can only help inspire others to possibly work to open ones in their area. We are fortunate the no kill shelter in our city already has a program in place similar to this for victims of domestic violence if they must leave their home for safety, and do not want to leave their non human family members behind. I think if funding were made available, one for homeless or down on their luck humans could easily be implemented. Thank you again for always sharing such thought provoking stories Bagheera, I am going to inquire at my local rescue if they have thought of this and what can be done to help start a similar program.
    I cannot imagine having to surrender my babies, I have been lucky in that when I was sick and in the hospital for 4 months many years ago, members of my family were able and willing to care for my cats. I had to give up my apartment at the time and move in with another family member to recuperate for several months, and had I not had others able to care for my fur kids I would have been forced to make a horrifying choice. I know I wouldn’t be here if that had been the case, as I would not have had had the will to fight and get better if I didn’t know I had my fur babes waiting and counting on me to recover and come home to them. I am forever grateful to my family for this and it taught me to plan ahead in case anything similar happened again or if I did pass before my babes. I now have arrangements made with those I trust who have agreed to give a forever home and care for my babes if anything happened to me. This gives me great piece of mind, as I’m sure knowing there were a program like that in Alabama would be to someone facing homelessness and worry over what will happen to their 4 legged family members.

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