Cat Finds Home After 18 Months

It is always a happy day when a feline living in a shelter finds a furever home. The humans working at the cat rescue facility, the cat being adopted and the humans that will take the cat home all enjoy this.

But for a senior cat living at the cat rescue facility in Canyon County, Idaho, it looked like that day would never come. All of the humans working there loved Pete, who is a 12 year old with a disease similar to Parkinson’s in humans.

Pete on His Perch
Pete on His Perch

“I think Pete had been housed in every cat room in our shelter, before spending the last few months here in our Colony Room,” said one of the humans at the shelter. Pete spend his days relaxing on the top tier of the beds in the Colony Room, which is the area the cat rescue set up for felines to socialize.

The combination of his age and his medical challenges made the the humans at the Canyon County Animal Shelter feel like Pete was going to live out his days with them.  They did not mind it, because they loved him. But they also knew he deserved a furever home.

To find Pete a home, the cat rescue group took to social media and posted about Pete on Facebook. And on what they call Free Cat Friday, Pete found his furever home.

Pete Relaxing In His Bed
Pete Relaxing In His Bed

A very kind human said he couldn’t bear to think of Pete spending his golden years in the shelter, and he was going to make sure Pete had a good home with the other senior felines that live in his home.

The humans at the cat rescue played their celebration song, took pictures of Pete’s adoption, and send him with his favorite bed to his new home. Pete had set the record for the longest time in the shelter, but nobody cared at that point. Everyone, both human and feline, was very happy that Pete was going to his furever home.

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