Kitten Recovers from Animal Abuse

If you are reading this, I know you cannot stand animal abuse. Like my furiend Lucky, I encourage all humans to get involved to stop animal abuse. It will be too late for this one kitten, but it will prevent others from suffering like she did.

Katniss is a two pound kitten who lives in Cleveland, Tennessee. She is lucky to be alive, because she suffered burns over 90 percent of her body when a group of evil humans set her on fire. For a while, her survival was in doubt.

Katniss Is Recovering from Animal Abuse
Katniss Is Recovering from Animal Abuse

“The first ten days were critical, she was not very responsive. She wouldn’t get up and move,” said one of the humans in white coats who treated Katniss. “We were afraid we would lose her.”

Katniss survived the cruel animal abuse she endured, although it did require her to have a leg amputated. But she is a tough feline and a fighter. “A lot of these little ones, they don’t know to give up,” said the white coated human who treated Katniss.

The humans with badges are seeking information to find the evil humans who committed this horrible act of animal abuse. They said that they have reason to believe it was done by a group of young males.

Many green paper things are being offered to anyone who can help bring these cruel individuals to justice. There is a $1,000 reward being offered for information leading to an arrest of them.

Katniss Now Has a Loving Home
Katniss Now Has a Loving Home

As for Katniss, things are definitely looking up for her. The white coated human who treated her could not give her up, and has made her a part of his family. “My family is in love with her, he said, adding that Katniss is a “fighter” and that “she’s getting around, eating and drinking. She’s doing fantastic.”

Katniss will also become an advocate against animal abuse, which is linked to violence against humans. She will help with community outreach “to reach kids at that level and let them know the importance of reporting cruelty.”

As horrible as the animal abuse she suffered was, Katniss is one of the fortunate ones. She survived, and she has a loving home. Many abused animals suffer a painful death from their injuries, my furiends, and it must stop!

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3 Replies to “Kitten Recovers from Animal Abuse”

  1. I have shared this and 3 hours 15 minutes ago I light several candles for her wellbeing and to give power over to her! <3 All the best for our sweet little baby! <3

  2. Sweet baby Katniss, may she recover fully and feel nothing but all the love she deserves from now on. May the evil bastard(s) who are responsible for this be found and prosecuted fully under the law and deeply punished in life by Karma.

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