A Cat Runs Into Right Home

Many of your humans say that we felines choose our humans as much as you choose us. In the cat rescue story I will share with you today, that seems to be very true. It is like the feline knew the human she chose would rescue her.

A human was living in an apartment with a no pet clause. Well, we felines think those clauses are silly so we ignore them. And that is what a grey and white cat did to this human. She was on the phone, and this cat ran past her. Meowing all the time, the cat ran into the living room and got under the coffee table. Then she was quiet. She knew she had found a safe place.

This Cat Chose Her Human In This Cat Rescue
This Cat Chose Her Human In This Cat Rescue

The humans living in the home were concerned about this poor feline. She had fleas, ear mites, a broken claw, and was slightly underweight.  They took her to the humans in white coats, who estimated her to be around three years old. After trying hard to see if this cat had a home, they turned to a cat rescue facility.

Sadly, this cat rescue facility told them that the chances this feline would be adopted were not good and it was likely she would not make it out of the shelter. That is when the humans who found this cat decide they would be their own cat rescue organization. They decided to keep her, despite the no pet policy.

Not surprisingly, after being on the streets, the cat bonded very tightly with her humans and got separation anxiety when they left. They decided to rescue other felines, and while she initially hated them, she came around.

That was many years ago. Since then, the humans who performed this cat rescue have had to treat her twice for cancer, which she seems to have beat. They love their cat, and she loves her humans. All because this smart feline chose the right home to run into!

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