October 19 Blood Sugar Readings

I hope you are all having a good day. The human was away for a long time yesterday, and we were all worried. When he arrived back home, did we ever greet him noisily, and we demanded our noms! We were all very hungry because even though the human left extra dry noms for us, it was not enough.Dry Noms can Elevate a Diabetic Cat's Blood Sugar

Dry Noms can Elevate a Diabetic Cat’s Blood Sugar

Now, you know that I demand dry noms even though the human has tried to wean me from it, and that it can cause my blood sugar levels to go up. I did not eat as much of the wet noms as I normally do, and that is likely why my blood sugar readings for this week were higher than we like.

For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 247. That is higher than we like, and it is higher than the 223 we saw last week. The high was above the threshold where long term problems can result from blood sugar levels that high. It was 326, and it came during a test between my insulin shots. The low for the week was 196, and it was the only reading I saw below the 200 level we like to see.

We will keep monitoring my blood sugar levels to see if the human should increase the insulin dosing. He does not want to do it, but he will probably get some more tests between my dosing to see what’s happening. He was concerned that we saw my blood sugar levels go up, despite my insulin dose, before falling to a more safe level.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat in Marley's Crate
Bagheera the Diabetic Cat in Marley’s Crate

Speaking of safe, Marley has started to tolerate me and Jacey going into her safe house. She will complain about it, but after complaining, and sometimes growling, she will stop. I will not hurt that sweet tiny girl, but I sometimes I have to show her who is in charge. If she growls too much at me, I will slap my front paws down on the top of her cat tree and let her know that she must stop growling.

The human used to get mad at me for doing this, but now he finds it amusing. He says it is similar to what he does to me. He would never hit me or hurt me, but he will make loud noises to get me to stop doing things he does not want me to do.

It is funny that I have adopted a tactic the human uses on me for my little sisfur Marley!

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