November 2 Blood Sugar Readings

How was your weekend, my furiends? My weekend was interesting. The human’s family was in town and they came to visit me. The human’s mother does not understand how Marley and I interact sometimes. When I went into Marley’s cage and Marley was growling at me, she tried to stop me.

Well, I did not like that so I took a swat at her. She told the human about this, and he told her not to interfere with my interactions with Marley. He had to explain that Marley will growl at me until she calms down and then will relax.

Marley and Bagheera
Marley and Bagheera

I did this a few more times with Marley, and she initially growled but then calmed down. I didn’t even have to slap the platform she sits on! I want to think she is coming around, but she is a strange feline. You just can never tell with this girl.

Having all sorts of strangers around the home can be stressful for a feline like me. I am an adaptable cat, though, and I do not think it had much of an effect on my blood sugar levels.

For the week, my blood sugar levels averaged 226. This was down from the last time that I had enough readings to report, because the human was away for a few days the week before last.

I am okay with these readings because it means I my blood sugar levels are averaging below the threshold where it can be dangerous for a diabetic cat over the long term.

The high reading for the week was 268, which is higher than we want. But the low reading was a good one, coming in at 163. We like those readings below 200!

The human’s sister is one of the white coated humans, but she works with humans, not felines. When he told her my blood sugar readings, she was stunned. But then the human showed her an article that showed what the ranges are for most cats, and she calmed down. We felines are tolerant of blood sugar levels that would be very dangerous for humans.

I will let you know what my blood sugar readings do next Monday. I hope you have a good week, furiends.

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