Human Risks Life to Save Feline

I know that my human loves me, Jacey, and Marley. If he did not, would he tolerate the challenges of having a diabetic cat like me? And let’s not even get started on Jacey always talking, and Marley always demanding attention from him.

But even a loving human like mine, who cares for a diabetic cat and two other demanding bengals, may not be as devoted as one human. This human almost lost his life and is in critical condition after saving his cat.

A Cat Rescued From A Fire is Doing Well
A Cat Rescued From A Fire is Doing Well

In a Los Angeles suburb not too far away from me, there was a fire in a three story building which 45 firefighters responded to. They were able to quickly evacuate the building, but then one of the humans living there realized his feline furiend was not yet safe.

This human rushed in to save his cat, and that is when he was hurt. He suffered smoke inhalation and was covered with soot after bringing his cat back out with him.

The cat came out of the fire relatively unscathed, and is staying with neighbors while the very brave human who rescued him recovers in a hospital.

Firefighters said that this human’s actions, while very brave and showing tremendous devotion to his cat, were not correct. Instead of running in to rescue his cat, they said, he should have told them so they could do it. Firefighters have the equipment and training to do this at a much lower risk.

And firefighters are definitely very focused on rescuing pets. This video shows some of the many rescues they have made.

I know my human would probably have done the same thing, but it would have been better, especially for a diabetic cat like me, if he would let firefighters do it. After all, if he was unable to care for me, who would give me my insulin shots?

I am glad this feline was saved and hope his very brave human recovers quickly, too!

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