Cats and Dogs at the Beach

“Human, Jacey, Marley and I have a request.”

“What now, Bagheera? I already kind of fulfilled your last request, for a cat door to the balcony. Jacey has figured it out, and you’ve seen her do it. If you want a pet door, you’ve already got one. And you can’t have one to the front.”

“No, human, we want to go to the giant litter box that is near the ocean.”

“You mean the beach? I thought the last time I went there and came back all wet with sand all over me, you three thought I was strange and silly.”

“Yes, we did, human. But then we saw a video that showed a little cat humor and we liked it. Now we want to do the same thing as the feline in this video did.”

“That’s cute, Bagheera. But I think this little piece of cat humor is something that we cannot duplicate.”

“Why not, human?”

“Ah, Jacey, I knew you would jump into this conversation. You were quiet for too long. Well, first of all, you three only like playing in the water. If we are going to duplicate this, you three will have to swim in the ocean.”

“Human, you know how nimble and fast I am. Besides, cats in water are featured prominently in cat humor clips.”

Cat Humor: Cat in Water

“Well, yes, but Jacey, I don’t want you going into the ocean. Knowing you, you would swim somewhere you don’t belong and get nommed on by a shark!”

“You mean there are creatures that nom on cats in the ocean?”

“Yes, Jacey. Besides, Marley is too shy to be around so many humans she does not know and canines.”

“I could hide from them, human. My snow color would blend in with the sand.”

“But then you might get lost, Marley, and what would I do then? Look, you three, it’s just not a good idea.”

“Fine, human. We will enjoy the cat humor and find ways to drive you nuts. We think that is funny.”

“Oh, great, Bagheera. I can’t wait.”

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3 Replies to “Cats and Dogs at the Beach”

  1. You three Bengal fur sibs crack my fur babes and me up- we quite enjoy it when you give your ever dutiful Dad a hard time, especially you Bagheera! I must agree with your Dad about visiting the ocean, it is not a place most cats would like to be and there are dangers. I had a fur kid kitty many years ago who adopted me while I was vacationing at the beach, and even she was afraid of the ocean!
    We look forward to seeing how you three drive your Dad nuts, but don’t be too hard on him– space it out so he has many days to enjoy your hi-jinks instead of all at once. Nothing’s better than many days of fun versus just one.

    1. I do not mean to give the human a hard time. I am just a curious cat, and it is in my nature to ask things. The human has learned that having three smart felines means he is always on his toes!

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