November 16 Blood Sugar Readings

It is Monday, and I know that many of you have returned to work. That means that it is time for me to tell you about the work the human and I did in keeping my blood sugar readings where they should be.

Minion's Blood Sugar Readings Make Me Jealous
Minion’s Blood Sugar Readings Make Me Jealous

Diabetic cats like me must endure ear sticks for blood sugar testing. The human’s parents have a diabetic cat as well, but his blood sugar is much better controlled so he only gets tested on a weekly basis. I am very jealous of his readings, which come in around 70. If I were there, both the human and I would be very happy.

For the week, my blood sugar readings were much higher than that. They averaged 228. This is better than last week, when they averaged 248, flirting with a undesirable level.

The human thinks that the lower levels may be due to a number of things. First, I am getting more wet noms and less dry noms. That is helpful in keeping blood sugar levels down, whether a feline is diabetic or not.

Also, the human’s family was in town the week before, and the stress of added visitors may have elevated my blood sugar levels.

Finally, the human got new insulin for me. Over time, insulin loses its potency and it is possible that the old vial was not as strong as the new one is.

My Sisfur Marley Is Getting Brave
My Sisfur Marley Is Getting Brave

I have amusing news to share about my sisfur Marley. I have become her defender. When the human gets annoyed at her, and tells her to behave, I will come over and tell him he should be nicer to her. And when Jacey ambushes her and she runs into her crate and growls at Jacey, I will come over there to comfort her.

This morning, she showed signs of liking me. She rubbed noses with me and did not growl. She is also getting much more brave. She went into the human’s closet, and when he let her out, Jacey chased her. Well, I ran over to separate the two and calmed her down, but going in there is something she hadn’t done before!

Hopefully, I will have more good news to share about both my blood sugar levels and Marley’s antics next week!

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