Oscar’s Happy Cat Rescue Story

It has been a while since I shared a story from Michigan Cat Rescue with you. Today, I want to share Oscar’s story with you.

A long time ago, as a tiny little kitten, Oscar and his sister Mandy were dumped in a shelter. A horrible human abused these two felines, and they were very justifiably scared of humans. This, my furiends, is typically a death sentence for a feline.

Oscar Saved by Michigan Cat Rescue
Oscar Saved by Michigan Cat Rescue

I do not blame the humans who passed them by. When you humans see so many furiendly felines who want to interact with you, I can understand why you would pass by two trembling felines hiding in the back of their cage. My human, after all, decided he would write his first cat rescue story when the cat he adopted stuck his paw through the cage to touch my human’s nose.

Fortunately for Oscar and Mandy, their cat rescue happenedĀ because a very kind human saw the two of them trembling in the back of their cage and decided to take a chance on them. If this kind human did not come along, my furiends, Oscar and Mandy would have been euthanized.

Oscar and Mandy went on to live very happy lives with the human who took a chance on them. Sadly, Mandy left us about five years ago due to heart failure. Since then, Oscar, who is now 14, has become furiends with another feline.

Furiends, when you perform a cat rescue, you save multiple lives. You do not just save the life of the feline you rescue, but you also open up space so that another feline gets a chance to live.

That is why I am so proud of my human. He is working very hard to open up The Cat Cafe, and he wants to write a lot of cat rescue stories for less adoptable cats like Oscar and Mandy.

Will you be one of the very kind humans who writes a happy cat rescue story for a less adoptable cat? I hope so!

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3 Replies to “Oscar’s Happy Cat Rescue Story”

  1. I am happy to say I am one of those humans Bagheera when I was adopted by my tortie Clove six months ago. Like Oscar and Mindy she was abused and abandoned by an evil human which caused her to be at the rescue a long time since she was skittish and swiped paws at people. It didn’t help she was an adult cat, when so many only want kittens.
    When we met I was awed by her beauty and amused by her spunk and knew immediately she was meant for me and me for her. Six months later and in a calm, patient home filled with unconditional love she has blossomed and rarely swipes her paw in fear. Each day is still a work in progress but success is reached each one. Adopting Clove may have saved her, but her adopting me back has saved me from the loneliness and grief I had felt since my dilute tortie Ms. Phoebe went to the Bridge in January. Clove has brought joy back to my life that I felt I may never know again. As much as a human can save wonderful kitties like Oscar, his sisfur, and Clove, they deserve just as much credit for saving their human right back. I am certain you, Jacey, and Marley have done the same for your human, and your pride in your human shows your adoration of him and all he does to help fellow kitties in need.

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