A Sad Day in Lincoln’s Home

I have shared many stories from my good furiend Lincoln. Normally, those stories are happy ones. My fellow special needs cat is lucky to live with a very caring human. My human is a good one who cares for Jacey, Marley and me but I know that even he would not be able to handle the special needs cats that Lincoln’s human does.

Because Lincoln’s human takes on the very difficult cases from Tenth Life, sometimes, there are sad outcomes. But regardless of the outcome, taking on the challenges the special needs cats she works with present is still deserving of praise.

Maya was a special needs cat who Lincoln’s human thought was suffering from cerebellar hypoplasia. Her condition got worse, and when she came to Lincoln’s home, it was clear that she was virtually paralyzed.

Having nursed Lincoln back to health, his human decided to take on the challenging care of a special needs cat once again. She took Maya to the humans in white coats regularly, and all of the tests showed that other than her mobility and neurological challenges, she was a healthy feline. Her commitment to Maya was to make sure she was happy and safe for as long as she could keep Maya.

A Tribute to Special Needs Cat Maya
A Tribute to Special Needs Cat Maya

Recently, Lincoln’s human came back to find that Maya’s condition had gotten much worse over the course of the day. Naturally, Maya was rushed to the humans in white coats, to see if they had any ideas on how to stabilize this special needs cat and help her recover.

Sadly, this did not happen. Maya looked like she was getting better, but then her condition worsened. Her human decided that she would give her that one last difficult act of love, and helped Maya find a release from her suffering.

This is a sad ending for a special needs cat, but her human chooses not to remember the sad ending but the love that Maya and her shared. Maya would rub her head all over her human’s face, and demand cuddles and hugs.

While Maya’s time was too short, it still shows that the bond between a special needs cat and a human willing to tackle the challenges we present is a very strong and loving one.

Lincoln’s human will not stop taking on the challenging cases from Tenth Life. She is sad that Maya is gone, but knowing that her short life was spent surrounded by love makes it all worth it.

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