Police, ASPCA Save 400 Animals

Furiends, even though I am a diabetic cat, I know I am fortunate in many ways. I have a human who cares for me. I get all the noms I could want. And I consider it abuse when the human puts me in a carrier and then into the metal box with wheels. Lately, he has been doing that on a daily basis, taking me and Jacey to The Cat Cafe. We complain about being in our carrier, but then when we get there, we like it.

There are many animals who do not live like this. Sadly, animal abuse is a big problem. I do not understand why there are evil and cruel humans who think it is right to abuse an animal. If you do not like an animal, leave it alone! There is never a reason for animal abuse.

This Feline Officer Will Not Tolerate Animal Abuse
This Feline Officer Will Not Tolerate Animal Abuse

In New York City, the problem of animal abuse prompted the humans with badges there to partner with the ASPCA. Thanks to these two organizations, 400 cats and dogs who were the victims of animal abuse were saved.

The humans with badges also made 130 arrests of evil humans who abused animals. Some of these arrests involved humans who were running dog fighting rings.

Definitely an Arresting Feline!
Definitely an Arresting Feline!

According to the ASPCA, this is “a tremendous increase from previous years.” Before the partnership, the ASPCA had a much smaller enforcement group. Working with the NYPD added 35,000 humans working to stop animal abuse.

The humans with badges handle the enforcement, but once that is done, the ASPCA helps the abused animals recover and socialize so that they can be adopted to humans who want to give them a loving home.

And sometimes, the victims of animal abuse are adopted by the humans with badges who rescued them from evil humans. Several times, when the humans with badges learn that the animals are available for adoption, they take them home very quickly.

From victim of animal abuse to loved family member, thanks to the efforts of the NYPD and ASPCA!

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  1. I´m so happy to hear that the humans with badges do their best to catch all the animal abusers! I agree with you, if you don´t like an animal just turn away and walk around it. The animals I´m afraid of I try to stay out of reach. Hope they catch lots of the evil humans! hugs to you Bagheera and to your sisters too! <3

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