Kind Humans Help Seymour

I am happy to share another story from Michigan Cat Rescue of a cat who was helped due to a kind human stepping in. Seymour was a cat fending for himself in the outdoors, not knowing where his noms would come from and having no chance to go to the humans in white coats when he was sick.

One day, he was hungry, cold, tired, and needed help. He approached a human who was putting gasoline into a metal box with wheels. Now, I can understand if the human did not want to talk to Seymour and just wanted him to go away. But this human’s response was horrible. He kicked and hit poor Seymour, who was only looking for help and compassion.

Michigan Cat Rescue Tried to Save Seymour
Michigan Cat Rescue Tried to Save Seymour

One of the humans at Michigan Cat Rescue saw this and intervened. You would think that this would be enough to get the evil human who was abusing Seymour to stop, but he got angry at the human who saved Seymour. Fortunately for both Seymour and the human from Michigan Cat Rescue, they were able to escape.

Seymour immediately showed his gratitude, purring, head bonking, and snuggling with the human who rescued him. And of course, Michigan Cat Rescue took him to the humans in white coats to get him checked.

Poor Seymour was a very sick cat. As a diabetic cat, I battle a disease but other than this condition, I am a healthy feline. Beyond the injuries caused by his abused, starvation, and an upper respiratory infection, Seymour had many other problems.

He had a growth in his abdomen, jaundice, and fluid in his abdomen. The humans in white coats suspected he was suffering from feline infectious peritonitis, or FIP. A lot of work was needed in order to try to save Seymour. And Michigan Cat Rescue and the humans in white coats did their best.

But it was not enough, and Seymour left us. Though his time was limited, he was loved by the humans in white coats and returned that love. He would purr, head bonk, and snuggle with these kind humans who worked very hard to save him.

I do not have to tell you that many green paper things are needed in order for Michigan Cat Rescue to continue to do the work they do. If you want to give in Seymour’s memory, they would love it.

So would my fellow feline Seymour. He may not have come in to the world in the best way, but he left it in a very good way — surrounded by humans who loved him.

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  1. Poor Seymour! That evil human kicking him should have been reported to the men with badges! :'( Poor sweet Seymour, good that you finally found some love! <3 <3 <3

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