Senior FIV Positive Cat Gets Home

The human tells me that today is the last day of 2014. I hope it has been a good year for you. I have enjoyed sharing stories with you throughout the year. Some of them were happy, and some were sad. Today, since it is a day for celebration for most of you humans, I will share a very happy story of a special needs cat.

It is not easy being a diabetic cat, but I do not have anywhere near the challenges that Zeb has. He’s an older guy who has FIV, but that’s just one of his challenges. He also is missing an eye, and he only has four teeth. My furiends, that is truly a special needs cat!

Special Needs Cat Zeb has a Furever Home
Special Needs Cat Zeb has a Furever Home

But one human saw beyond that and instead of seeing a cat that was less adoptable, she saw a “really affectionate cat.” Zeb, she said, is “just happy to have blankets to lie on and people to give him some affection. He’s just really, really sweet.”

Now this special needs cat has gone from the streets to a loving home, which he shares with two humans, two small humans, another FIV positive cat, and a canine. And the humans there love having Zeb in their home.

Zeb Relaxing
Zeb Relaxing

The small humans in the house “absolutely adore him,” his adopter said, adding that getting pictures of Zeb is very difficult because he comes running over to give her head bonks and purrs when she gets on the floor to use her camera.

Zeb has started a Facebook page where he shares his gratitude with lots of adoring and happy fans. He is very happy to have come from being a cat living on the streets to being rescued and having a furever home. Getting that home is the best way for a feline to end the year, and I am very happy for Zeb!

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