January 11 Blood Sugar Readings

I know I have told you that I am a little annoyed at the human for spending so much time at The Cat Cafe and not as much time with me, Jacey, and Marley. Some of you have said that we three felines need to come up with new ways to entertain ourselves.

But I need to let you know that the human’s work, while keeping him away from us for a lot longer than we want, is not keeping him from monitoring my blood sugar levels. It is very important for a diabetic cat like me to keep track of my glucose readings. The human knows this, and make sure this is done for me.

This week, my blood sugar readings averaged a little higher than last week, coming in at 241. This is acceptable. It is not ideal, as we are working very hard to keep them below 200, but it is below the point where long term damage can occur.

One Of My Fellow Diabetic Cats
One Of My Fellow Diabetic Cats

The high reading for the week was 352, and the low was 122. The human thinks that one of the reasons my blood sugar goes higher is because I consume some noms too close to the time where my test is taken. It is difficult for him to make sure I do not eat any noms when he has to have noms for Jacey and Marley out.

Om Nom Nom Nom
Om Nom Nom Nom

He does not know if his theory is correct and it is difficult to test, because he would have to wake up every time I ate. While he will work very hard to make sure my blood sugar readings do not climb too high, this is not something he can do.

We will accept these less than ideal blood sugar levels because they are below the level where damage can occur over the long term. And we will keep working to make them better!

I will let you know what my blood sugar readings do next week. Let’s hope they improve.

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