Godiva’s Journey from Barn Cat

Let me say that there are many cats who live happy lives as barn cats. They do not have it as nice as a feline who spends their life inside with humans who love them, but they do have it better than many felines who do not have any shelter at all to protect them.

Godiva may have been better off than many other felines, but there is no question that this barn cat’s life changed on the day that Tenth Life came to help her. On that day, she was cold, hungry, and her tiny body was fighting off parasites.

Two humans looked over her, and tried to reassure her. She did not know what they wanted to do, so she tried to escape. But the humans knew they could give Godiva a better life, and they caught her. They told her everything was going to be okay, and somehow, Godiva knew they were right.

Godiva Is a Former Barn Cat Helped by Tenth Life
Godiva Is a Former Barn Cat Helped by Tenth Life

Godiva felt more reassured when gentle hands reached inside when she complained about being inside a box. This human put her inside a soft and warm sweatshirt and placed Godiva in their lap. Godiva didn’t know much about this, but she knew it felt good.

The human who made Godiva feel comfortable on that day also took her to the humans in white coats. They helped treat her, and while she didn’t like some of the things they did, she learned that it made her feel even better.

Now, Godiva has learned that the human who helped her that day will continue to help her until the day comes where other humans will take her home. And when that happens, Godiva will have come a long way from a cold and hungry barn cat to a loved member of a family. She hopes that day will come soon, so that Tenth Life can rescue more felines like her.

Are you that kind human? If you are, let Tenth Life know and if you cannot take this girl in, please share her story!

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2 Replies to “Godiva’s Journey from Barn Cat”

  1. Purring that beautiful Godiva finds her deserving and loving forever family soon. Tenth Life is a pawesome place for all the special needs cats they help, Godiva is one of the lucky ones- most people wouldn’t have gone out of their way to help this gorgeous ladycat.

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