February 1 Blood Sugar Readings

My furiends, my blood sugar readings have been causing some real concern for the human. He is confused about what is happening. I am eating a lot more wet noms, which is supposed to help keep my blood sugar down. And the human got a new vial of insulin, which is supposed to help with the potency of the insulin.

But instead of causing my blood sugar readings to go down, they went up this week. This is of concern because now they are at a point where they can cause problems if they remain this high over the long term.

My Blood Sugar Readings This Made me Do This
My Blood Sugar Readings This Made me Do This

For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 268, which is up from the 258 of last week. This is not something that makes either me or the human happy.

The human is very confused, and he is going to take me to the humans in white coats. He is thinking of switching my insulin to the one that his parents diabetic cat takes. That seems to be doing a good job of keeping his blood sugar readings in check.

But that is not definite yet. And the human would not like to throw away the almost full vial of insulin that he just got. So the human will likely stick with things for a while and hope that he can get things to work out a little better for me.

Furiends this is what living with a diabetic cat is like for a human. He does what he is supposed to do, tries as hard as he can to get me to eat more wet noms, but sometimes, it still doesn’t work.

I am not happy about this because it is causing the human to worry. But the important thing is I know he is trying hard and working hard to help me. And that, my furiends, is all that a diabetic cat like me can ask for.

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