Video Gets Bagheera Thinking

“Human, I have a question.”

“Go ahead, Bagheera.”

“Human, I saw this video and wondered, what was it like for my cat adoption?”

“Ha! Bagheera, you are lucky it was me that wanted to adopt you. Most people would not have done it after what you did to me. I saw you and decided I wanted to take you home. Then, we put you into a cardboard box, but you figured out how to get out of it and bit me when I tried to get you back in. We finally had to get a proper crate to get you home.”

“I do not remember this, human, but you must have done something to make me bite you. I do not apologize for it.”

Cat Adoptions Pictures Are Always Happy Ones
Cat Adoptions Pictures Are Always Happy Ones

“What about me, human? How did you decide on my cat adoption? Did I bite you, too?”

“Well, Jacey, you were a little different. You were cared for by a veterinarian, and she had to give you up because her daughter, who was really in charge of taking care of you, was going off to boarding school. I got to meet you in her office and you decided you liked me. Then you came home with me. And unlike Bagheera, you did not bite”

“Human, I remember how you came to know me. I was in the cat adoption area¬†at PetSmart. You decided you couldn’t bear to see me in the cage.”

“Exactly. I had to work on Bagheera and Jacey before I brought you home. They did not like the idea of sharing their home with another feline, but they have learned to like you. Maybe a little more than you want!”

“Bagheera and Jacey are not too bad, human. Even though they sometimes annoy me, it is better than being in a small cage in a pet adoption area.”

Share your cat adoption stories with me, Jacey, Marley, and the human!

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