Do Cats Think Humans Are Weird?

Recently, Jacey, Marley and I were using the catputer to look at funny instances of cat humor.

Using the Catputer
Using the Catputer

We saw a piece that gave ten reasons why we felines think humans are strange. Here are the ten reasons they gave:

  • Humans throw away leftovers. We felines are opposed to any noms going to waste!
  • You get into the shower and wash yourself daily
  • Tongues are what you should use to groom yourself. Why do you humans need hair brushes?
  • You sleep for a long time. Humans seem to sleep one time a day for a long time. Why not be like us felines, and sleep for short periods of time so that you can wake up and play?
  • When humans nom, you chew your food. Can’t you just swallow it whole?
  • Things inside of boxes are more attractive to humans than the box itself. Why is this?
  • The catputer is smooth, warm, and easy to sleep on. Why do you insist on not sleeping on it?
  • People who do not live with you are welcomed into your home. And then you share noms with them!
  • You ignore the fly on the wall. He must die! You must help us kill him!
  • You work too hard! It is so much more fun to relax and be like a feline. We do not let things bother us, and you humans often do.
Contemplating Cat Humor
Contemplating Cat Humor

After discussing this piece of cat humor, we confronted the human and asked him about it. He told us that because we are cats, we would not understand.

Jacey Likes To Help The Human Shower
Jacey Likes To Help The Human Shower

Jacey did not like this, and said even though she does not understand why he takes a shower in the morning, she helps him. Marley offered to help teach him how to groom himself.

He said he appreciated this, but that cat humor pieces are not to be taken seriously and that humans cannot do these things.

We do not think the human is strange. We just do not understand him.

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2 Replies to “Do Cats Think Humans Are Weird?”

  1. Is the cat climbing into the shower actually Jacey, i.e. did you or someone you know take this picture? So curious because I have a cat who looks identical and – while he may not be quite so athletic – that certainly looks like the kind of thing he might like to do. Any light you might be able to shine (I’ve never had another cat who enjoys water even a little bit) would be appreciated. Thank you!

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