February 8 Blood Sugar Readings

Furiends, you remember that we had some real challenges with my blood sugar readings. My readings were way too high, and they were at a point where if they continued to stay so high, we would see some real potential problems. We got a new vial of insulin, and the human increased my dosing slightly. That reduced my blood sugar levels, but maybe too much.

Controlling Blood Sugar Levels is a Balancing Act
Controlling Blood Sugar Levels is a Balancing Act

You will remember that controlling the blood glucose of a diabetic cat like me is a balancing act. We do not want it to get too high like it did for a couple of weeks, because over the long term, that can cause serious problems. But we do not want it to get too low, either. A hypoglycemic state can be very dangerous.

Over the past week, my blood sugar readings averaged 172. This is a good level to be at, my furiends. The only problem is that we had a lot of fluctuation in my blood sugar levels and we got down to some dangerously low levels. The human was very worried when he saw these levels, and he kept an eye on me to make sure I did not show signs of distress.

He also did not give me any insulin when my blood sugar dropped that low. Normally, insulin shots are something a diabetic cat like me needs to get twice a day. But when blood sugar readings get too low, then it is too risky to get them. And so the human played it safe.

We will see if we need to adjust my dosing again in order to make sure that we are safe but have a good effect on my blood sugar. This is a challenge that the human will take on for me, and I am very grateful for it. It cannot be easy for him, and has to be a little frustrating. But he loves me so he does not mind.

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