Let’s End Zora’s Winter Blues

I have to be honest, my furiends. As much as I do not like being a diabetic cat, I have things good. Jacey, Marley, and I do not ever have to worry about the winter blues. It is usually sunny and warm here even in the winter.

That is not the case for a cat named Zora. This poor girl is desperately hoping that someone will carry out a cat adoption involving her.

Let's Help Complete Zora's Cat Adoption
Let’s Help Complete Zora’s Cat Adoption

You see, my furiends, eight year old Zora would like to have a human of her own, like Jacey, Marley and I do. She would much rather be snuggling with that human, giving them sandpaper kisses, than be in the situation she is in. She is in the shelter at the Humane Society of Kent County, Maryland. This is not too far away from where I used to live!

Zora came to this group because she was in a home with too many cats. It is sad that she was surrendered to them, but I am hopeful someone will fill out the paperwork to complete her cat adoption soon.

She is a little older and less active, and she does not like being in the shelter. This means that when humans come in to do a cat adoption, they tend to overlook her. But this is their mistake. Zora is an unusual cat because she likes to be held. Ask the human what happens when he tries to hold me, Jacey, or Marley!

And when she is happy with a human, Zora likes to give little massages with her feet. She is a little older, and her hind legs may be arthritic. Also, her kidneys may require a special diet. But these things are no reason to not take her home.

Let’s see if we can cure Zora’s winter blues and convince a kind human to walk in and complete her cat adoption paperwork!

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