Hero Cat Helps Save Humans

The combination of a fire and sleeping humans can be very dangerous, my furiends. In just the country I live in, more than 2,500 people lose their lives in fires every year. How many of them were sleeping and never woke up is something I do not know but it is likely many of them were.

One couple in Aberdeenshire were saved from a fire by their hero cat. A van near their home was set on fire when they were sleeping. Their orange and white tabby, named J Lo, meowed so loudly that he woke up the couple.

Hero Cat J Lo Saves Humans From Fire
Hero Cat J Lo Saves Humans From Fire

“He’s the hero in this situation. It would have been a lot worse if he hadn’t woken me up because our brand new car was parked right behind the van and we had to move it.”

“I owe my life to him,” J. Lo’s human added.

Firefighters responded quickly to the blaze, and they were able to put out the fire before the house burned down. But the van was completely destroyed, and there was damage to the home. The fire from the van was so hot that it melted and cracked part of the front door.

Hero Cat J Lo With His Humans
Hero Cat J Lo With His Humans

Because of this hero cat, his humans were able to move their car away, and they woke up the neighbors who had parked their car in the driveway as well. The neighbors were also able to move and save their car.

It is nice to see hero cats saving humans. I am always grateful for kind humans who help save my fellow felines. It is nice to see that there are hero cats who return the favor to you two legged creatures.

The humans with badges are seeking information on the evil humans who set the van on fire. They are hoping to catch them so that no more fires are set in the area.

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