2/15 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, kind humans. I hope you had a good weekend. The human tells me that Saturday was the day that you humans like to do things to demonstrate your love for one another. I asked him a very simple question, which he could not answer. Why do you need a special day for that? Why not give sandpaper kisses and head bonks every day like we felines do for humans we like?

With the beginning of the week, it is time for me to tell you what happened with my blood sugar readings last week. Last week, we had a good average, but we had a lot of fluctuation and we had some readings that were dangerously close to being hypoglycemic. The human was very worried about this, and he watched me very closely to make sure I did not get sick.

My Blood Sugar Readings Made Me Do This
My Blood Sugar Readings Made Me Feel Like This

This week, we did not get any blood sugar readings like that. We did see some fluctuations in my blood sugar that were bigger than we would like, but they were not too bad.

For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 201. That reading is higher than is normal for most cats, but for a diabetic cat like me, it is well below the point where dangerous complications can occur.

The high reading for the week was one which was concerning, when my blood sugar rocketed all the way up to 504. The low for the week was at a level that would be considered normal for a non-diabetic cat, when it read 64.

This week’s readings were okay. They did not make the human and me too worried, and even with the very high reading we saw, the average was okay. I am hopeful that we will continue to get my blood sugar readings to get better, and will share them with you next week.

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